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Nail Extension

cache 11663138Confidence laser and beauty clinic offer acrylic nail extensions and gel polish with wide range s5tylish designs, bling and 3d nail art using the best products in the beauty industry at affordable prices
Acrylic nails are an excellent alternative to long lasting nails that will withstand the everyday tasks while making your hands look beautiful. Our acrylic nail services are perfect for those who have brittle fingernails and those who use their hands and fingers professionally. These acrylic nail are flexible. Our acrylic nail treatment and services are safe for everyone including women who are pregnant as well as women who sufferer form allergies.
Our clinic provides these Acrylic Nail procedures:
•     Nail Over lay                                                              £15
•     Tip and Acrylic Overlay extensions             £25
•     Permanent French Acrylic Tips                      £27                         
•     Buff and Polish                                                         £7
•     Nail Removal                                                             £10
•     Acrylic extensions & gelish                               £35


Performs like a gel acts like a polish and refuses to chip for at least 3 to 4 weeks not mention the ultimate glossy Saturn shiny finish with a wide range of addictive shades
Harmony gel nail procedure

•    Nail overlay gel polish                       £15                                  
•    Acrylic overlay &gelish                     £35
•    Gel removal                                             £5
•    Toes gel polish                                       £10
•    Gel nail art                                               £5

 Please call Confidence Laser &Beauty Clinic for more information on how we can make your finger nail's much stronger and beautiful for a long period of time! At affordable prices

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